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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Sealing Products

Texacone specializes in molded seals up to 65" diameter in solid or split from a wide variety of fabric-reinforced elastomers. High temperature materials also available.

Autopak Autopak

  • AUTOPAK- Set of V Rings utilizes molded-in rubber energizers to automatically seal under varying conditions.
  • VEE TEX- Set of responsive V Rings that will seal most hydraulic equipment beyond the operating tolerances of ordinary packings and seals.
  • HEAVY PAK- Heavy duty V Rings built tough to seal under high pressure, worn rods, or side loading applications.
  • FLARED U CUP- Rubber lipped, fabric-reinforced heel or urethane seals for use in reciprocating rod assemblies or where space is limited.
  • PISTON CUPS AND FLANGES- Standard sizes available with tapered lip design for air or oil operated pistons, plungers, and rams.

General Hydraulic and Pneumatic Products

Vee Tex
Heavy Pak Vee Tex
Vee Tex for non-adjustable housings
Flared U Cups
Crimtex Cups and Flanges
E-packing U cups

Custom Molding Products

Can't find the perfect size or mold? Whether you need high temperature fabric or low friction rubber, Texacone can help create a custom product using a wide range of materials from custom blended urethane to cost effective rubber compounds for component pieces. Call us to learn more.