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Hydraulic Elevator Packing Products


20th Edition Catalog

We created the original and most complete Cylinder Head Identification Catalog and Handbook used by hundreds of service technicians out in the field every day. Complete Packing Sets for most North American manufactured units can be found in our:

Texacone's Jack Head ID app equips elevator professionals to confidently identify a hydraulic cylinder head on the job site. Now all that critical information is available on your phone without the need for web access, even down in the pit! The app uses the same patent pending Interactive Elevator Cylinder Head ID system as found on Texacone's website.

Our extensive line of problem-solving tools and accessories improves overall seal performance.

Seal Descriptions

Hydraulic Packing Seals

Texacone's line-up includes four of our most popular seals: the 900 Series, the 600 Series, the Autopak Series, and the Extreme Series. Individual replacement seals are also available. Ask for the best friction-reducing seal on the market - the Supreme Green 900. Learn more about our most popular seals:

Solutions for Hard to Seal Jacks

Whatever condition you face, we have a specialized seal set to resolve even the most challenging hydraulic conditions including high temperature, chronic leaking and poor ride performance.

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