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Hydraulic Sealing Product Descriptions

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Some of our winning series.

Texacone's line-up includes four of our most popular seals: the 900 Series, the 600 Series, the Autopak Series, and the Extreme Series.

Supreme Green 900 Seal

900 Series

Produced from premium urethane, the 900 Series:

  • is high temperature rated for hot running units
  • offers high abrasion resistance for durability
  • creates unsurpassed ride performance
Supreme Green 900 Seal Loaded

900 Series Loaded

Same premium urethane as above, but incorporates an elastomeric energizer, designed especially for undersized plungers and jacks with persistent leaks.

600 Seal

600 Series

This fabric and elastomer seal is perfect for general applications:

  • self-heals when exposed to plungers with scores or burrs
  • o-ring energizer activates seal lips at low pressures
  • available split
SuperSlick Autopak

SuperSlick Autopak

A compression-style packing molded with tough rubber impregnated fabric and low friction teflon, this seal offers these features:

  • adjustable to form a leak-free seal for undersized units
  • durable fabric construction with split configuration
  • multiple sealing lips to hold up to damaged plungers
HiTemp Series

Extreme Series

Coated in a temperature-resistant rubber, these fabric seals are perfect for high-temperature, high-use units:

  • designed for hot running units
  • works well on damaged plungers
  • stands up to dark, degraded oil