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About Texacone

Texacone manufactures fabric-reinforced elastomer and urethane molded products. The company began supplying to the elevator industry in the 1950's, and since that time packing for hydraulic and traction elevators has become a major focus for the company.

Texacone has also specialized in high quality custom-designed products for many different industries, such as cotton ginning, paper mills, steel production, steel forming, oil field production, aircraft, chemical and power facilities. Packing can be engineered for use in virtually any pneumatic or hydraulic application. The company is located in Mesquite, Texas where products are manufactured for international distribution.

After more than 80 years of business, Texacone has obtained several patents (Supreme Green 900 Seal, Super Slick Seal, Autopak, Sanding Sleeve, and Aligning System) and has created a number of exclusive products, such as the Sure-Fill Repair Kit and the Cylinder Identification System

We are dedicated to finding the perfect seal for every application, providing expert technical assistance, and giving customers the tools they need to optimize seal performance and life. Texacone is the industry leader in problem solving, sealing, and innovative accessories

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