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Elevator Packing Products

Hydraulic Packing SetsHydraulic Packing Seals

Complete Packing Sets for most North American manufactured units. See complete listing in our Elevator Packing Product Catalog. Online Interactice Catalog

Individual replacement seals also available. Ask for the best friction-reducing seal on the market - the Supreme Green 900.

Whatever condition you face, we have a specialized seal set to resolve even the most challenging hydraulic conditions including high temperature, chronic leaking and poor ride performance. Our extensive line of problem-solving tools and accessories improves overall seal performance. We created the original and most complete Cylinder Head Identification Catalog and Handbook used by hundreds of service technicians out in the field every day.

The Complete Line

The ABC's on How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Packing for Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic Sealing Products

Texacone's line-up includes four of our most popular seals: the 900 Series, the 600 Series, the Autopak Series, and the Extreme Series.

Sealing Product Descriptions

Traction Machine Packing and Seals

The Hi Temp Worm Gear Seal, the versatile Worm Shaft Packing, and Sheave/Spider Seal are all available as SPLIT for faster installation. New "HT" elastomer used in select traction packing is a very high temperature, abrasion resistant compound. We also provide complete kits for Westinghouse machines including all seals, gaskets, breather, screws, and instructions.

Traction Machine Product Descriptions

Traction Machine Packing and Seals Part Numbers


We have solutions for a number of situations including damaged pistons, heavily scored pistons, misaligned cylinders, and more:

Texacone Accessories

    Texacone Elevator Packing Acessories
  • Packing Replacement Kit-
    A complete set of unique tools to quickly replace and install seal components.
  • Sanding Sleeve-
    Effortlessly recondition badly damaged pistons.
  • Sure Fill Repair Kit-
    Permanently repair badly scored pistons and rough joints.
  • Aligning System-
    Quickly and accurately detects out-of-plumb cylinders and provides easy cylinder alignment in minutes.
  • O Ring Splicing Kit-
    Create custom O Rings in the field in minutes. For use only with O rings for static applications.
  • Jack's Green Slime-
    All purpose lubricant and sealant servicing temperatures to 600oF.
  • Diameter Tape-
    Determine plunger diameters with Texacone's Diameter Tape.
  • Head ID Catalog and Handbook-
    Quickly identify cylinder heads with the printed catalog or try the convenient pocket-sized, grease and fading resistant technician's handbook.

Cylinder Head Identification System & Catalog: