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Texacone's Jack Head ID app equips elevator professionals to confidently identify a hydraulic cylinder head on the job site. Now all that critical information is available on your phone without the need for web access, even down in the pit! The app uses the same patent pending Interactive Elevator Cylinder Head ID system as found on Texacone's website.

  • Ability to scroll through the entire Cylinder Head gallery
  • Search by head attributes, packing set number, and manufacturer name
  • Narrow down results by selecting Plunger Diameter

Login information utilizes Texacone's website Elevator Cylinder Head ID credentials. Use your same username and password. Contact Texacone for assistance.

Click Here to download the Texacone On-Site App for iPhone!

News and Updates

New Duplicate Labels for Easy Re-Ordering!

Are you tired of guessing which packing set you are replacing? We just made re-ordering packing even easier. Try Texacone's new duplicate labels.

We are adding a duplicate label on our products for easy re-ordering. Put these sticky, non-fading labels on the machine room controller inside the pit as a quick and easy reference.

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We have 2 new instructional videos! How to use a Sanding Sleeve and How to use the Sure Fill Repair Kit.

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